Disgusting Swedish Seal

Repost: Swedish Seal Hunt ( Disgusting Both From Animal Right’s Viewpoint As Well As From A Scientific Viewpoint)

The Disgusting Swedish Government Starts Seal Hunt Today With Record Numbers To Be Culled—Swedens Totally Useless NGOs Are Quiet. On The Contrary Catarina Krång, Lili Päivärinta And Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen Support It!:(((

CRUEL SEAL HUNTINGSweden’s licensed seal hunt began Wednesday with a record-high number allowed to be shot.

Sweden’s animal rights activists HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THIS CULLING and the crime that Sweden has committed against the Inuits and the EU ban on seal trade, and is conducting trade in seal parts.


~ by narhvalur on January 2, 2015.

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