Sumatran Tigers Vanishing With The Once Sacred Woods

Jakarta Globe2011-11-18:                      It was a Saturday morning and five-year-old Fitria Judin was playing with her two older sisters outside their house on a plantation in Bengkulu‘s Kepahiang regency. Suddenly a tiger emerged from the nearby woods and attacked her. Terrified, Fitria’s two siblings ran 7km to the nearest village to seek help. Villagers later found the young victim dead, about 20m from where the attack had taken place. Her left leg was missing, believed to have been eaten by the tiger. It was not immediately clear where Fitria’s parents were at the time of the attack, which took place on Nov 5. Although tragic, the incident was not…                     more »

Photo: WN

KLps1 - May 07 - Perth Zoo,Australia - Tiger - Animal - Wildlife - Nature. (ps1)


~ by narhvalur on November 19, 2011.

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