Thanksgiving: PETA Equitating Dogs With Turkeys ( I love PETA for this)

By           Teresa .         

November 10, 2011 – 07:33pm

PETA to place Thanksgiving  billboards equating turkeys with dogs near Duval schools

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals plans to place billboards  depicting a dog’s head on a turkey’s body near some Duval County schools as part  of a campaign aimed at getting kids to rebel against eating turkey for  Thanksgiving dinner.

The mutant-looking animal accompanies the message “Kids: If You Wouldn’t Eat  Your Dog, Why Eat a Turkey?” in the advertisement planned by the animal rights  group.

PETA spokeswoman Paige Snyder said the organization is negotiating with local  advertising companies but has not determined the number or location of the  billboards. It hopes to have them up as soon as possible, she said.

None will be located on school property. However, Snyder said PETA hopes the  billboards will be seen by the most students and their parents.

“Kids love animals, and if they thought about how turkeys feel pain and fear  just as dogs and cats do, they’d trade their drumsticks for Tofurky in a  heartbeat,” said Tracy Reiman, PETA executive vice president.

Not everyone agrees.

“That’s just plain stupid,” 10-year-old DeKacie Johnston said Thursday when  asked about the idea as she and her grandmother went into the main Jacksonville  Public Library.

“Turkeys are supposed to be eaten,” she said. “That’s why they’re on  farms.”

PETA also plans to put up the billboards in Salem, Ore., and Tulsa, Okla.,  Snyder said.

Jacksonville, she said, was selected at random.


Photo: Wild Male Turkey ( Wikipedia)

File:Meleagris gallopavo Wild Turkey.jpg


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