Western Black Rhino Declared ” Extinct”


CNN2011-11-10:                      November 10, 2011 — Updated 1456 GMT (2256 HKT) Poaching and lack of conservation have made a subspecies of Africa‘s black rhino (pictured) extinct. Africa’s northern white rhino is “teetering on the brink of extinction” according to the lastest IUCN Red List In 1996 the Przewalski’s Horse was listed as “extinct in the wild.” But thanks to a captive breeding program its population has risen to around 300, say the IUCN. The Coco de Mer has been “uplisted” from vulnerable to endangered due to increased fires and illegal havesting f its kernels. The summers’ poison frog is a recently discovered amphibian which is…                     more »
RhinocerosPhoto: WN

~ by narhvalur on November 10, 2011.

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