How our Wolves Were Pushed Into Wildlife History

Photo: Iberian wolves ( WN)
2011-11-05: MICHAEL
VINEY ANOTHER LIFE:�THE ONE WOLF in my life trotted out of nowhere one
evening in west Greenland, drawn by the fragrance of curry drifting up the
frozen fjord. It paused just metres away, among the rocks around our tents, and
regarded us through calm, golden eyes. The three of us sat in freeze-frame,
spoons halfway to our mouths, not at all in alarm but in an odd mix of wonderment and
surreally familiar response. The wolf was beautiful, a lean and silvery
Alsatian, yet “Here fella!” seemed unlikely to work. One of us moved (David
Cabot, reaching for the film camera) and the animal fled. It loped up
the… more


~ by narhvalur on November 5, 2011.

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