Grandma and Grand Dad Were ” Animal Activists” For Almost Years100 Ago.

My mother told me the love and passion my Grandma and Granda took care about their animals on their farm in Estonia , for 100 years ago.

My Granda owned forest , but he said no humter hunts in my forests.

He also took care of a problem dog, a Grand Danois , that was about to be shot, but Granda took care of him , and fed him with a fork! The love between them was immense, the dogs name Panter.

He had also a working horse, Jukku, that was very spoilt. He was not allowed to drag heavy things , and people had to help Jukku uphills with his carriage , pushing, and so easing the work fo Jukku.

Jukku , was of the famous Tori breed.

All hens were free ranging and also the pigs and cows,were out on the pastures

My Grandmother should really have been working with Marine environment , as she every spring told the fishermen not to fish in the spawning grounds!

I think this was an amazing story to be told! And it happened about 100 years ago!

Now I know where our families LOVE for the Animals and Nature comes from.

Have attached pics from old Estonian farming books here.


~ by narhvalur on October 31, 2011.

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